OEDIT grant from state of Colorado

June 4, 2019

Opterus receives prestigious OEDIT grant from state of Colorado to help fund product development

Loveland, Colorado — June 4, 2019 — Loveland-based Opterus has received grant funding from Colorado’s Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT).

The Colorado OEDIT Advanced Industries Accelerator Programs fund companies positioned to have a strong local impact on Colorado’s economy. Opterus proposed a co-funded program to enhance flight hardware manufacturing capabilities with equipment upgrades and process improvements. Consequently, the company has been awarded a two-year Early Stage Capital and Retention Grant to execute the program.

Aerospace, the industry focus of Opterus, is included among the advanced industries listed and supported by the program. Opterus is an innovator of deployable and unfolding spacecraft structures.

In their grant application, the fast-growing company met rigorous eligibility requirements such as proof-of-principle study, valid intellectual property, completed prototype, and technical validation and commercialization plan that includes marketplace assessment.

Grant funds will advance Opterus’ deployable antenna commercialization programs. “The funding will prove vital to achieving our most ambitious technology development goals,” said Thomas Murphey, Opterus’ Chief Executive Officer. “Best of all, we’re thrilled to see the state of Colorado demonstrating so much confidence in our efforts and progress.”


Headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, Opterus creates and manufactures critical components for spacecraft structures. Known for innovation, partnership, and exclusive know-how, Opterus provides complete coverage from initial sketch, to engineering design and simulation, to prototyping and manufacturing, and to testing and flight delivery. Opterus’ technologies were successfully flown on eight space units in 2018.

For more information, contact Erik Pranckh at 440-840-2490 or erik@opterusrd.com.

For more information on Opterus, visit https://opterusrd.com/.