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Our breakthroughs in spacecraft structural architectures redefine what is possible for spacecraft small and large.
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Opterus Research and Development is a fast-growing provider of critical spacecraft components and deployable spacecraft structures. From conception through design, simulation, analysis, fabrication and testing – we do it all.

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Opterus is pioneering work in deployable structures for satellites.  Our lightweight retractable-deployable masts, booms, and hinges push the frontiers of structural design with innovative tension-aligned arrays, blanket and panel solar arrays, solid surface deployable reflectors, antennas, and in-space assembly and manufacturing architectures. 

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From conception through design, simulation, analysis, fabrication and testing – we do it all. We specialize in advanced space structures, mechanisms, and high-performance composite R&D, and manufacturing for spaceflight. 

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“What’s Next” Pioneering Expandable Space Structures

The next space race is heating up with a bevy of new space-based businesses and missions to other planetary bodies. At the heart of this race lies a major engineering challenge — escaping earth’s gravity with space structures large enough to support next gen space travel and extraterrestrial colonization.Instead of larger spacecraft, Opterus designs and fabricates massive composite space structures that fit in extremely small payloads, which later expand in space.

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Case study video for AON M2+
Case study video for AON M2+

“What’s Next” Pioneering Expandable Space Structures

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High-temperature composite 3D printing facilitates design, manufacture of deployable space structures.

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OEDIT grant from state of Colorado
OEDIT grant from state of Colorado

Opterus receives prestigious OEDIT grant from state of Colorado to help fund product development of innovative technology.

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We’re looking for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers at various levels of experience and specializations in the fields of high-performance composites and space structures.
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